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Adsorption on single planar walls and filling of slits with identical planar walls are investigated in the frame of the density functional theory. In this sort of slits the external potential is symmetric with respect to its central plane. Calculations were carried out by applying both the canonical and grand canonical ensembles (CE and GCE, respectively). The behavior is analyzed by varying the strength of the adsorbate-substrate attraction, the temperature T, and the coverage Results obtained for physisorption of Xe on alkaline surfaces are reported in the present work. Prewetting (PW) lines and wetting temperatures, T w, are determined from the analysis of adsorption on single walls. The filling of slits is analyzed for temperatures T T w. It is found that whenever for a given Xe-substrate combination the adsorption on a single wall exhibits a first-order wetting transition then asymmetric profiles that break the left-right symmetry of the external potential appear in the filling of an equivalent slit. These spontaneously symmetry breaking (SSB) solutions occur in a restricted range of with a T-dependent width. In the case of closed slits analyzed in the CE scheme, the obtained asymmetric profiles exhibit lower Helmholtz free energies than the symmetric species and, therefore, could be stabilized in this geometry. For open slits, the GCE scheme yields all the symmetric and SSB states in the corresponding convex regimes of the free energy. It is shown that both the CE and the GCE frames yield three coexistent states, two symmetric and one asymmetric twofold degenerate. Both a PW line and the related SSB effect terminate at the same temperature. For rather strongly attractive surfaces reentrant SSB states are found at a fixed value of T. © Copyright 2011 Author(s).


Documento: Artículo
Título:Full correspondence between asymmetric filling of slits and first-order phase transition lines
Autor:Szybisz, L.; Sartarelli, S.A.
Filiación:Laboratorio TANDAR, Departamento de Fsica, Comisin Nacional de Energa Atmica, Av. del Libertador 8250, RA-1429 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Departamento de Fsica, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Ciudad Universitaria, RA-1428 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientficas y Técnicas, Av. Rivadavia 1917, RA-1033 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Instituto de Desarrollo Humano, Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, Gutierrez 1150, RA-1663 San Miguel, Argentina
Palabras clave:Adsorbate-substrate; Asymmetric profile; Attractive surfaces; External potential; First-order phase transitions; First-order wetting transitions; Grand canonical ensemble; Left-right symmetry; Planar walls; Pre-wetting; Single Wall; Symmetry-breaking; Wetting temperature; Density functional theory; Free energy; Geometry; Physisorption; Wetting; Filling
Título revista:AIP Advances
Título revista abreviado:AIP Adv.


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