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The electromagnetic field of optical vortices is in most cases derived from vector and scalar potentials using either a procedure based on the Lorenz or the Coulomb gauge. The former procedure has been typically used to derive paraxial solutions with Laguerre-Gauss radial profiles, while the latter procedure has been used to derive full solutions of the wave equation with Bessel radial profiles. We investigate the differences in the derivation procedures applying each one to both Bessel and Laguerre-Gauss profiles. We show that the electromagnetic fields thus derived differ in the relative strength of electric and magnetic contributions. The new solution that arises from the Lorenz procedure in the case of Bessel beams restores a field symmetry that previous work failed to resolve. Our procedure is further generalized and we find a spectrum of fields beyond the Lorenz and Coulomb gauge types. Finally, we describe a possible experiment to test our findings. © 2019 American Physical Society.


Documento: Artículo
Título:Reexamination of Bessel beams: A generalized scheme to derive optical vortices
Autor:Quinteiro, G.F.; Schmiegelow, C.T.; Reiter, D.E.; Kuhn, T.
Filiación:Instituto de Modelado e Innovación Tecnológica, Departamento de Física, FaCENA, Universidad Nacional Del Nordeste, Corrientes, 3400, Argentina
Departamento de Física, IFIBA, FCEN, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Ciudad Universitaria, Pabellón i, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, 1428, Argentina
Universität Münster, Wilhelm-Klemm-Str. 10, Münster, 48149, Germany
Palabras clave:Electromagnetic fields; Gages; Laser beams; Vortex flow; Bessel beam; Coulomb gauge; Magnetic contribution; Optical vortices; Paraxial solutions; Radial profiles; Relative strength; Scalar potential; Bessel functions
Título revista:Physical Review A
Título revista abreviado:Phys. Rev. A


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Quinteiro, G.F., Schmiegelow, C.T., Reiter, D.E. & Kuhn, T. (2019) . Reexamination of Bessel beams: A generalized scheme to derive optical vortices. Physical Review A, 99(2).
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Quinteiro, G.F., Schmiegelow, C.T., Reiter, D.E., Kuhn, T. "Reexamination of Bessel beams: A generalized scheme to derive optical vortices" . Physical Review A 99, no. 2 (2019).
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Quinteiro, G.F., Schmiegelow, C.T., Reiter, D.E., Kuhn, T. "Reexamination of Bessel beams: A generalized scheme to derive optical vortices" . Physical Review A, vol. 99, no. 2, 2019.
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Quinteiro, G.F., Schmiegelow, C.T., Reiter, D.E., Kuhn, T. Reexamination of Bessel beams: A generalized scheme to derive optical vortices. Phys. Rev. A. 2019;99(2).