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The genome of the Antarctic bacterium Pseudomonas extremaustralis was analyzed searching for genes involved in environmental adaptability focusing on anaerobic metabolism, osmoregulation, cold adaptation, exopolysaccharide production and degradation of complex compounds. Experimental evidences demonstrated the functionality of several of these pathways, including arginine and pyruvate fermentation, alginate production and growth under cold conditions. Phylogenetic analysis along with genomic island prediction allowed the detection of genes with probable foreign origin such as those coding for acetate kinase, osmotic resistance and colanic acid biosynthesis. These findings suggest that in P. extremaustralis the horizontal transfer events and/or gene redundancy could play a key role in the survival under unfavorable conditions. Comparative genome analysis of these traits in other representative Pseudomonas species highlighted several similarities and differences with this extremophile bacterium. © 2014, Springer Japan.


Documento: Artículo
Título:Genome sequence analysis of Pseudomonas extremaustralis provides new insights into environmental adaptability and extreme conditions resistance
Autor:Raiger Iustman, L.J.; Tribelli, P.M.; Ibarra, J.G.; Catone, M.V.; Solar Venero, E.C.; López, N.I.
Filiación:Departamento de Química Biológica, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Intendente Güiraldes 2160, Buenos Aires, C1428EGA, Argentina
IQUIBICEN, CONICET, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Palabras clave:Environmental adaptability; Exopolysaccharides; Genome analysis; Horizontal transfer; Microaerobic metabolism; Pseudomonas; Bacteria (microorganisms); Pseudomonas; acetate kinase; adenosine triphosphatase; alginic acid; arginine; colanic acid; coumaric acid; ferulic acid; polysaccharide; pyruvic acid derivative; trehalose; adaptation; Antarctica; bacterial genome; biology; chemistry; cold; DNA sequence; environment; fermentation; genetics; metabolism; osmosis; phenotype; phylogeny; physiology; Pseudomonas; Acetate Kinase; Adaptation, Biological; Adenosine Triphosphatases; Alginates; Antarctic Regions; Arginine; Cold Temperature; Computational Biology; Coumaric Acids; Environment; Fermentation; Genome, Bacterial; Osmosis; Phenotype; Phylogeny; Polysaccharides; Pseudomonas; Pyruvates; Sequence Analysis, DNA; Trehalose
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Título revista:Extremophiles
Título revista abreviado:Extremophiles
CAS:acetate kinase, 9027-42-3; adenosine triphosphatase, 37289-25-1, 9000-83-3; alginic acid, 28961-37-7, 29894-36-8, 9005-32-7, 9005-38-3; arginine, 1119-34-2, 15595-35-4, 7004-12-8, 74-79-3; coumaric acid, 25429-38-3; ferulic acid, 1135-24-6, 24276-84-4; trehalose, 99-20-7; Acetate Kinase; Adenosine Triphosphatases; Alginates; Arginine; colanic acid; Coumaric Acids; ferulic acid; Polysaccharides; Pyruvates; Trehalose


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Raiger Iustman, L.J., Tribelli, P.M., Ibarra, J.G., Catone, M.V., Solar Venero, E.C., López, N.I. Genome sequence analysis of Pseudomonas extremaustralis provides new insights into environmental adaptability and extreme conditions resistance. Extremophiles. 2015;19(1):207-220.