Tchilinguirian, P.; Morales, M.R.; Oxman, B.; Lupo, L.C.; Olivera, D.E.; Yacobaccio, H.D. "Early to Middle Holocene transition in the Pastos Chicos record, dry Puna of Argentina" (2014) Quaternary International. 330(1):171-182
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This paper presents a multi-proxy record and its paleoenvironmental interpretation from Pastos Chicos (23° 40' 29″ S; 66° 25' 32″ W; 3781masl), Susques, Jujuy province, Argentina. The analysis includes a study of fluvial sediments and geomorphology, and the contained diatoms and pollen record at centenary resolution. Two main environmental phases characterize the ~9000-4200BP interval. The first phase was a humid period between ~9000 and 7300BP (circa 10,000-8100cal.BP) which showed organic soils formation in a floodplain broadly vegetated by grasses with a high and stable water table level. The second phase developed between 7300 and 6000BP (~8100-6800cal.BP) and showed a moderately drier environment interrupted by punctuated humid events such as those around 7000 and 6300BP. This environment could be interpreted as a permanently existing meandering river with a floodplain with shallow oxbow lakes, bordered by a diverse shrub steppe. After 6000BP, the fluvial system turned into a braided river situated in a sandy floodplain with dunes and ephemeral ponds. At the end of the sequence (i.e. post ~4200BP), salt crusts developed and the river lowered its base level by 8m. These results seem to show that the Pastos Chicos river basin evolved from low energy and more humid conditions established during the Early and the first part of the Middle Holocene, to drier ones in a system with more energy during some events of the second part of the latter period. The start of this aridization process at ~6000BP in the basin, seems to be substantially later than other observations in local records of the Andean area. This could be due to physiographic control of the moisture by the catchment area (~1000km 2 ) that generates a catchment-averaged regional scale signal of smaller amplitude, which is delayed for individual tributaries. These studies, with other ongoing analysis, will improve the accuracy of the models of resource structure in the area in several space-time scales and, consequently, advance knowledge concerning the organizational pattern of human societies in the past. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd and INQUA.


Documento: Artículo
Título:Early to Middle Holocene transition in the Pastos Chicos record, dry Puna of Argentina
Autor:Tchilinguirian, P.; Morales, M.R.; Oxman, B.; Lupo, L.C.; Olivera, D.E.; Yacobaccio, H.D.
Filiación:CONICET, Argentina
FCEyN, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Instituto de Arqueología, FfyL, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Universidad de Jujuy, Argentina
Instituto Nacional de Antropología y Pensamiento Latinoamericano, Argentina
Palabras clave:accuracy assessment; alluvial deposit; catchment; diatom; environmental change; floodplain; fossil record; Holocene; meander; paleoenvironment; palynology; steppe; water table; Argentina; Jujuy; Puna; Bacillariophyta; Poaceae
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Título revista:Quaternary International
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Tchilinguirian, P., Morales, M.R., Oxman, B., Lupo, L.C., Olivera, D.E. & Yacobaccio, H.D. (2014) . Early to Middle Holocene transition in the Pastos Chicos record, dry Puna of Argentina. Quaternary International, 330(1), 171-182.
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Tchilinguirian, P., Morales, M.R., Oxman, B., Lupo, L.C., Olivera, D.E., Yacobaccio, H.D. "Early to Middle Holocene transition in the Pastos Chicos record, dry Puna of Argentina" . Quaternary International 330, no. 1 (2014) : 171-182.
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Tchilinguirian, P., Morales, M.R., Oxman, B., Lupo, L.C., Olivera, D.E., Yacobaccio, H.D. "Early to Middle Holocene transition in the Pastos Chicos record, dry Puna of Argentina" . Quaternary International, vol. 330, no. 1, 2014, pp. 171-182.
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Tchilinguirian, P., Morales, M.R., Oxman, B., Lupo, L.C., Olivera, D.E., Yacobaccio, H.D. Early to Middle Holocene transition in the Pastos Chicos record, dry Puna of Argentina. Quat. Int. 2014;330(1):171-182.