Martínez, M.L.; Piol, M.N.; Sbarbati Nudelman, N.; Verrengia Guerrero, N.R."Tributyltin bioaccumulation and toxic effects in freshwater gastropods Pomacea canaliculata after a chronic exposure: field and laboratory studies" (2017) Ecotoxicology. 26(5):691-701
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Freshwater samples and gastropod mollusks (Pomacea canaliculata) were collected at 5 sampling stations located along the lower Río de la Plata basin, Argentina, to assess the extent of tributyltin (TBT) contamination. Determined data revealed the presence of TBT and some of its breakdown products (dibutyltin: DBT, and monobutyltin: MBT) in all freshwater samples and also in soft tissues of P. canaliculata gastropods. Chronic bioassays (6 months) were performed using female gastropods that had been reared under laboratory conditions and exposed to a similar TBT concentration than the value determined in freshwater samples (1 µg L−1). The aims of this study were to evaluate the extent of TBT accumulation, the tissue distribution, and the effects on selected biomarkers (activity of superoxide dismutasa: SOD, activity of catalase: CAT, levels of total glutathione: t-GSH, lipid peroxidation, and activity of acetylcholinesterase: AChE). Gonads presented the highest accumulation, followed by the cephalopedal region, albumin gland, and finally hepatopancreas. Both metabolites, DBT and MBT, were also found. All exposed female animals presented development of a penis reflecting the potential of TBT as an endocrine disrupting chemical for this gastropod species. Results on the selected biomarkers confirmed additional adverse effects induced by TBT. An increase in CAT activity and changes in t-GSH levels are indicative of alterations on the cellular redox status. The inhibition of AChE could reflect signs of neurotoxicity. Altogether, these results reveal a negative impact on the health of this gastropod population. © 2017, Springer Science+Business Media New York.


Documento: Artículo
Título:Tributyltin bioaccumulation and toxic effects in freshwater gastropods Pomacea canaliculata after a chronic exposure: field and laboratory studies
Autor:Martínez, M.L.; Piol, M.N.; Sbarbati Nudelman, N.; Verrengia Guerrero, N.R.
Filiación:Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Dpto. de Química Orgánica, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 3° piso, Pabellón II, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Dpto. de Química Biológica, Toxicología y Química Legal, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 4° piso, Pabellón II, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Palabras clave:Biomarkers; Female gastropods; Freshwater systems; Pomacea canaliculata; TBT; acetylcholinesterase; biological marker; catalase; dibutyltin; fresh water; glutathione; monobutyltin; organotin compound; superoxide dismutase; tributyltin; unclassified drug; tributyltin; water pollutant; bioaccumulation; biomarker; endocrine disruptor; freshwater ecosystem; snail; toxicity; tributyltin; animal experiment; animal tissue; Argentina; Article; bioaccumulation; controlled study; enzyme activity; enzyme inhibition; female; field study; gastropod; gonad; hepatopancreas; laboratory test; lipid peroxidation; long term exposure; neurotoxicity; nonhuman; organogenesis; oxidation reduction state; penis; Pomacea canaliculata; priority journal; redox stress; river basin; tissue distribution; tissue level; water contamination; animal; environmental monitoring; gastropod; metabolism; physiology; toxicity; toxicity testing; water pollutant; Argentina; Rio de la Plata; Animalia; Gastropoda; Mollusca; Pomacea canaliculata; Animals; Environmental Monitoring; Gastropoda; Toxicity Tests, Chronic; Trialkyltin Compounds; Water Pollutants, Chemical
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Título revista:Ecotoxicology
Título revista abreviado:Ecotoxicology
CAS:acetylcholinesterase, 9000-81-1; catalase, 9001-05-2; dibutyltin, 1002-53-5; glutathione, 70-18-8; superoxide dismutase, 37294-21-6, 9016-01-7, 9054-89-1; tributyltin, 688-73-3; Trialkyltin Compounds; tributyltin; Water Pollutants, Chemical


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Martínez, M.L., Piol, M.N., Sbarbati Nudelman, N. & Verrengia Guerrero, N.R. (2017) . Tributyltin bioaccumulation and toxic effects in freshwater gastropods Pomacea canaliculata after a chronic exposure: field and laboratory studies. Ecotoxicology, 26(5), 691-701.
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Martínez, M.L., Piol, M.N., Sbarbati Nudelman, N., Verrengia Guerrero, N.R. "Tributyltin bioaccumulation and toxic effects in freshwater gastropods Pomacea canaliculata after a chronic exposure: field and laboratory studies" . Ecotoxicology 26, no. 5 (2017) : 691-701.
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Martínez, M.L., Piol, M.N., Sbarbati Nudelman, N., Verrengia Guerrero, N.R. "Tributyltin bioaccumulation and toxic effects in freshwater gastropods Pomacea canaliculata after a chronic exposure: field and laboratory studies" . Ecotoxicology, vol. 26, no. 5, 2017, pp. 691-701.
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Martínez, M.L., Piol, M.N., Sbarbati Nudelman, N., Verrengia Guerrero, N.R. Tributyltin bioaccumulation and toxic effects in freshwater gastropods Pomacea canaliculata after a chronic exposure: field and laboratory studies. Ecotoxicology. 2017;26(5):691-701.