Haberzettl, T.; Fey, M.; Lücke, A.; Maidana, N.; Mayr, C.; Ohlendorf, C.; Schäbitz, F.; Schleser, G.H.; Wille, M.; Zolitschka, B. "Climatically induced lake level changes during the last two millennia as reflected in sediments of Laguna Potrok Aike, southern Patagonia (Santa Cruz, Argentina)" (2005) Journal of Paleolimnology. 33(3):283-302
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The volcanogenic lake Laguna Potrok Aike, Santa Cruz, Argentina, reveals an unprecedented continuous high resolution climatic record for the steppe regions of southern Patagonia. With the applied multi-proxy approach rapid climatic changes before the turn of the first millennium were detected followed by medieval droughts which are intersected by moist and/or cold periods of varying durations and intensities. The 'total inorganic carbon' content was identified as a sensitive lake level indicator. This proxy suggests that during the late Middle Ages (ca. AD 1230-1410) the lake level was rather low representing a signal of the 'Medieval Climate Anomaly' in southeastern Patagonia. At the beginning of the 'Little Ice Age' the lake level rose considerably staying on a high level during the whole period. Subsequently, the lake level lowered again in the course of the 20th century. © Springer 2005.


Documento: Artículo
Título:Climatically induced lake level changes during the last two millennia as reflected in sediments of Laguna Potrok Aike, southern Patagonia (Santa Cruz, Argentina)
Autor:Haberzettl, T.; Fey, M.; Lücke, A.; Maidana, N.; Mayr, C.; Ohlendorf, C.; Schäbitz, F.; Schleser, G.H.; Wille, M.; Zolitschka, B.
Filiación:Geomorphology and Polar Research, Institute of Geography, University of Bremen, Celsiusstr., 28359 Bremen, Germany
Inst. Chem. Dynam. of the Geosphere, ICG V: Sedimentary Systems, Research Center Jülich, 52425 Jülich, Germany
Dept. of Biodiv. and Exp. Biology, University of Buenos Aires, Ciudad Universitaria, C1428EHA-Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sem. for Geography and Its Didactics, University of Cologne, Gronewaldstr. 2, 50931 Cologne, Germany
Palabras clave:Argentina; Lacustrine sediments; Lake level changes; Little Ice Age; Medieval Climate Anomaly; Southern Patagonia; lake level; Little Ice Age; paleolimnology; Argentina; Patagonia; Santa Cruz [Argentina]; South America; Western Hemisphere; World
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Título revista:Journal of Paleolimnology
Título revista abreviado:J. Paleolimnol.


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---------- APA ----------
Haberzettl, T., Fey, M., Lücke, A., Maidana, N., Mayr, C., Ohlendorf, C., Schäbitz, F.,..., Zolitschka, B. (2005) . Climatically induced lake level changes during the last two millennia as reflected in sediments of Laguna Potrok Aike, southern Patagonia (Santa Cruz, Argentina). Journal of Paleolimnology, 33(3), 283-302.
---------- CHICAGO ----------
Haberzettl, T., Fey, M., Lücke, A., Maidana, N., Mayr, C., Ohlendorf, C., et al. "Climatically induced lake level changes during the last two millennia as reflected in sediments of Laguna Potrok Aike, southern Patagonia (Santa Cruz, Argentina)" . Journal of Paleolimnology 33, no. 3 (2005) : 283-302.
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Haberzettl, T., Fey, M., Lücke, A., Maidana, N., Mayr, C., Ohlendorf, C., et al. "Climatically induced lake level changes during the last two millennia as reflected in sediments of Laguna Potrok Aike, southern Patagonia (Santa Cruz, Argentina)" . Journal of Paleolimnology, vol. 33, no. 3, 2005, pp. 283-302.
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Haberzettl, T., Fey, M., Lücke, A., Maidana, N., Mayr, C., Ohlendorf, C., et al. Climatically induced lake level changes during the last two millennia as reflected in sediments of Laguna Potrok Aike, southern Patagonia (Santa Cruz, Argentina). J. Paleolimnol. 2005;33(3):283-302.