Sánchez, M.A.; Winocur, D.; Álvarez, O.; Folguera, A.; Martinez, M.P."Crustal structure of the high Andes in the North Pampean flat slab segment from magnetic and gravity data" (2017) Journal of South American Earth Sciences. 73:153-167
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The Main Andes at the northern Chilean-Pampean flat slab segment were formed by the inversion of late Oligocene to early Miocene extensional depocenters in Neogene times. Their structure, size and depth are loosely constrained by field data since these sequences have amalgamated forming an almost continuous blanket with scarce basement outcrops. Satellite and aerial gravity and magnetic data are used in this work to define a 3D model that shows the basement structure at depth and adjust 2D structural sections previously based on field data. The results indicate complex basin geometry with depocenters of variable size and depth buried beneath Mesozoic (?)-Paleogene and Neogene sections. Additionally, previously proposed crustal heterogeneities across this orogenic segment are geophysically constrained with a new crustal heterogeneity identified on the basis of a modeled 2D crustal section. We propose hypothetically, that this crustal discontinuity could have played a role in controlling Paleogene extension at the hanging wall of an asymmetric rift basin, explaining the locus and development of the Doña Ana Basin. Finally, this work provides new information about Cenozoic structure and Paleozoic basement architecture, presumably derived from amalgamation history of one of the highest and more inaccessible regions of the Andes. © 2016 Elsevier Ltd


Documento: Artículo
Título:Crustal structure of the high Andes in the North Pampean flat slab segment from magnetic and gravity data
Autor:Sánchez, M.A.; Winocur, D.; Álvarez, O.; Folguera, A.; Martinez, M.P.
Filiación:CONICET. Instituto Geofísico y Sismológico Ing. Volponi, Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Ruta 12, km. 17, CP, San Juan, 5407, Argentina
Inst. Estudios Andinos “Don Pablo Groeber”. Dep. Cs. Geol. FCEN. U.B.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina
Palabras clave:Aerial magnetic data; Central Andes; Paleogene basin architecture; Paleozoic basement structure.; Satellite gravity data; Terrestrial gravity data; crustal structure; discontinuity; gravity field; magnetic field; Paleozoic; satellite data; slab; three-dimensional modeling; Andes
Página de inicio:153
Página de fin:167
Título revista:Journal of South American Earth Sciences
Título revista abreviado:J. South Am. Earth Sci.


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Sánchez, M.A., Winocur, D., Álvarez, O., Folguera, A. & Martinez, M.P. (2017) . Crustal structure of the high Andes in the North Pampean flat slab segment from magnetic and gravity data. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 73, 153-167.
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Sánchez, M.A., Winocur, D., Álvarez, O., Folguera, A., Martinez, M.P. "Crustal structure of the high Andes in the North Pampean flat slab segment from magnetic and gravity data" . Journal of South American Earth Sciences 73 (2017) : 153-167.
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Sánchez, M.A., Winocur, D., Álvarez, O., Folguera, A., Martinez, M.P. "Crustal structure of the high Andes in the North Pampean flat slab segment from magnetic and gravity data" . Journal of South American Earth Sciences, vol. 73, 2017, pp. 153-167.
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Sánchez, M.A., Winocur, D., Álvarez, O., Folguera, A., Martinez, M.P. Crustal structure of the high Andes in the North Pampean flat slab segment from magnetic and gravity data. J. South Am. Earth Sci. 2017;73:153-167.