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The mechanisms of RNA replication of plus-strand RNA viruses are still unclear. Here, we identified the first promoter element for RNA synthesis described in a flavivirus. Using dengue virus as a model, we found that the viral RdRp discriminates the viral RNA by specific recognition of a 5′ element named SLA. We demonstrated that RNA-RNA interactions between 5′ and 3′ end sequences of the viral genome enhance dengue virus RNA synthesis only in the presence of an intact SLA. We propose a novel mechanism for minus-strand RNA synthesis in which the viral polymerase binds SLA at the 5′ end of the genome and reaches the site of initiation at the 3′ end via long-range RNA-RNA interactions. These findings provide an explanation for the strict requirement of dengue virus genome cyclization during viral replication. © 2006 by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.


Documento: Artículo
Título:A 5′ RNA element promotes dengue virus RNA synthesis on a circular genome
Autor:Filomatori, C.V.; Lodeiro, M.F.; Alvarez, D.E.; Samsa, M.M.; Pietrasanta, L.; Gamarnik, A.V.
Filiación:Fundación Instituto Leloir, Buenos Aires C1405BWE, Argentina
Centro de Microscopías Avanzadas, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas Y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires C1428BEHA, Argentina
Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas Y Tecnológicas de Argentina, Buenos Aires C1033AAJ, Argentina
Palabras clave:AFM; Flavivirus; RNA cyclization; RNA-dependent RNA polymerase; Viral RNA synthesis; article; controlled study; Dengue virus; genome; nonhuman; priority journal; RNA replication; RNA synthesis; RNA virus; atomic force microscopy; biosynthesis; chemistry; conformation; Dengue virus; genetics; metabolism; physiology; regulatory RNA sequence; virus genome; virus replication; Dengue virus; Flavivirus; RNA viruses; NS5 protein, flavivirus; RNA directed RNA polymerase; virus protein; virus RNA; Dengue Virus; Genome, Viral; Microscopy, Atomic Force; Nucleic Acid Conformation; Regulatory Sequences, Ribonucleic Acid; RNA Replicase; RNA, Viral; Viral Nonstructural Proteins; Virus Replication
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Título revista:Genes and Development
Título revista abreviado:Genes Dev.
CAS:RNA directed RNA polymerase, 9026-28-2; NS5 protein, flavivirus; RNA Replicase,; RNA, Viral; Regulatory Sequences, Ribonucleic Acid; Viral Nonstructural Proteins


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---------- APA ----------
Filomatori, C.V., Lodeiro, M.F., Alvarez, D.E., Samsa, M.M., Pietrasanta, L. & Gamarnik, A.V. (2006) . A 5′ RNA element promotes dengue virus RNA synthesis on a circular genome. Genes and Development, 20(16), 2238-2249.
---------- CHICAGO ----------
Filomatori, C.V., Lodeiro, M.F., Alvarez, D.E., Samsa, M.M., Pietrasanta, L., Gamarnik, A.V. "A 5′ RNA element promotes dengue virus RNA synthesis on a circular genome" . Genes and Development 20, no. 16 (2006) : 2238-2249.
---------- MLA ----------
Filomatori, C.V., Lodeiro, M.F., Alvarez, D.E., Samsa, M.M., Pietrasanta, L., Gamarnik, A.V. "A 5′ RNA element promotes dengue virus RNA synthesis on a circular genome" . Genes and Development, vol. 20, no. 16, 2006, pp. 2238-2249.
---------- VANCOUVER ----------
Filomatori, C.V., Lodeiro, M.F., Alvarez, D.E., Samsa, M.M., Pietrasanta, L., Gamarnik, A.V. A 5′ RNA element promotes dengue virus RNA synthesis on a circular genome. Genes Dev. 2006;20(16):2238-2249.