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Polygalacturonase (PG) production by Fomes sclerodermeus using solid-state fermentation (SSF) was carried out. Maximal PG activity (26 U/gdw) was obtained between days 11 and 13 at the end of exponential growth. PG activity in the crude extract was more stable at pH 5-6 and 30 °C and had optimum activity at pH 5 and 50 °C. Optimal conditions for PG extraction were: one time extraction with Na2SO4 as solvent with 10 min. of agitation. In a scale-up system, PG activity per gram of dry substrate decreased about 60% compared with the activity obtained in an Erlenmeyer flask; however, high total PG activity was obtained.


Documento: Artículo
Título:Extraction and characterization of polygalacturonase of fomes sclerodermeus produced by solid-state fermentation
Autor:Salariato, D.; Diorio, L.A.; Mouso, N.; Forchiassin, F.
Filiación:Laboratorio de Micología Experimental, Departamento de Biodiversidad y Biología Experimental, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Piso 4, Pabellón 2, (1428) Núñez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Palabras clave:Fomes sclerodermeus; Polygalacturonase; Solid state fermentation; polygalacturonase; sodium sulfate; article; enzyme synthesis; Fomes sclerodermeus; fungus; growth; nonhuman; solid state fermentation; Cell Fractionation; Coriolaceae; Fermentation; Fungal Proteins; Hydrogen-Ion Concentration; Mycology; Polygalacturonase; Solvents; Temperature
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Título revista:Revista Argentina de Microbiologia
Título revista abreviado:Rev. Argent. Microbiol.
CAS:polygalacturonase, 9023-92-1, 9032-75-1; sodium sulfate, 7757-82-6; Fungal Proteins; Polygalacturonase,; Solvents


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Salariato, D., Diorio, L.A., Mouso, N. & Forchiassin, F. (2010) . Extraction and characterization of polygalacturonase of fomes sclerodermeus produced by solid-state fermentation. Revista Argentina de Microbiologia, 42(1), 57-62.
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Salariato, D., Diorio, L.A., Mouso, N., Forchiassin, F. "Extraction and characterization of polygalacturonase of fomes sclerodermeus produced by solid-state fermentation" . Revista Argentina de Microbiologia 42, no. 1 (2010) : 57-62.
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Salariato, D., Diorio, L.A., Mouso, N., Forchiassin, F. "Extraction and characterization of polygalacturonase of fomes sclerodermeus produced by solid-state fermentation" . Revista Argentina de Microbiologia, vol. 42, no. 1, 2010, pp. 57-62.
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Salariato, D., Diorio, L.A., Mouso, N., Forchiassin, F. Extraction and characterization of polygalacturonase of fomes sclerodermeus produced by solid-state fermentation. Rev. Argent. Microbiol. 2010;42(1):57-62.
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