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Protein S has an essential anticoagulant function acting as activated Protein C cofactor and forming an equimolecular complex with it. In the presence of calcium this complex regulates the coagulation process inactivating thrombin activated factors V and VIII by proteolysis. In plasma there are two different forms: a) free Protein S which acts as the cofactor of activated protein C (representing about 40% of total Protein S) and b) C4-BP(C4 binding protein) bound protein S which exhibits no activity as cofactor of activated Protein C (representing about 60% of total PS). The objetive was to compare the PS dosage determination by two methods: immunoturbidimetric and clotting, and to investigate how pre-analytical variables affect the results. The following results were obtained: Clotting method: CV intra assay: (n=20): 4%, CV interassay (n=20, 3 days): 3.4%; immunoturbidimetric method CV intra assay (n=20): 3.7%: CV inter assay (n=20.3 days): 4.5%. There is a good correlation (R 2 = 0.94) between both methods; when the clotting method is calibrated in batch with the samples. There is significant difference between fresh and frozen ( -20 °C and -80 °C) samples when the latter have been desfrozen only once.


Documento: Artículo
Título:Influence of preanalytical variables in S protein determination
Autor:Duboscq, C.; Kordich, L.
Filiación:Servicio de Hematología Y Hemoterapia, Hospital Británico de Buenos Aires
Programa de Evaluación Externa de Calidad, Fundación Bioquímica Argentina, Argentina
Dpto. Química Biológica, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas Y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Servicio de Hematología Y Hemoterapia, Hospital Británico de Buenos Aires, Perdriel 74, Ciudad Autónoma de BS. AS., Argentina
Palabras clave:Free protein S; Prenalytical variables; Protein S
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Página de fin:93
Título revista:Acta Bioquimica Clinica Latinoamericana
Título revista abreviado:Acta Bioquim. Clin. Latinoam.


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Duboscq, C. & Kordich, L. (2008) . Influence of preanalytical variables in S protein determination . Acta Bioquimica Clinica Latinoamericana, 42(1), 89-93.
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Duboscq, C., Kordich, L. "Influence of preanalytical variables in S protein determination " . Acta Bioquimica Clinica Latinoamericana 42, no. 1 (2008) : 89-93.
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Duboscq, C., Kordich, L. "Influence of preanalytical variables in S protein determination " . Acta Bioquimica Clinica Latinoamericana, vol. 42, no. 1, 2008, pp. 89-93.
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Duboscq, C., Kordich, L. Influence of preanalytical variables in S protein determination . Acta Bioquim. Clin. Latinoam. 2008;42(1):89-93.
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