Yacobaccio, H.D.; Morales, M.R.; Hoguin, R."Habitats of ancient hunter-gatherers in the Puna: Resilience and discontinuities during the Holocene" (2017) Journal of Anthropological Archaeology. 46:92-100
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Hunting groups are closely linked to the environments in which they live, especially in the deserts. This paper explores the relationship between people and desert environments in the long term using key concepts such as resilience, refugia and habitat loss. A thorough paleoenvironmental analysis was conducted to improve our understanding about continuities and discontinuities in the archaeological record of the South Andean highlands. This allowed us to test ideas about the availability of adequate human habitats during the Holocene. Cultural archives such as archaeofauna and lithic technology are employed to illustrate and discuss methodological perspectives for the identification and description of resilient human habitats in arid landscapes in the South Andean Puna. © 2016 Elsevier Inc.


Documento: Artículo
Título:Habitats of ancient hunter-gatherers in the Puna: Resilience and discontinuities during the Holocene
Autor:Yacobaccio, H.D.; Morales, M.R.; Hoguin, R.
Filiación:CONICET-Instituto de Arqueología, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 25 de Mayo 221, Buenos Aires, C1002ABE, Argentina
IBBEA-CONICET-UBA, Laboratorio de Diatomeas Continentales, Instituto de Biodiversidad y Biología Experimental y Aplicada, Facultad Ciencias Exactas y Naturales - Universidad de Buenos Aires, Ciudad Universitaria, Pab. 2, 4° pisoLab. 15, C. A. Buenos Aires, C1428EHA, Argentina
Palabras clave:Climate change; Deserts; Hunter-gatherers; Puna de Atacama; Resilient habitats
Página de inicio:92
Página de fin:100
Título revista:Journal of Anthropological Archaeology
Título revista abreviado:J. Anthropol. Archaeol.


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Yacobaccio, H.D., Morales, M.R. & Hoguin, R. (2017) . Habitats of ancient hunter-gatherers in the Puna: Resilience and discontinuities during the Holocene. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, 46, 92-100.
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Yacobaccio, H.D., Morales, M.R., Hoguin, R. "Habitats of ancient hunter-gatherers in the Puna: Resilience and discontinuities during the Holocene" . Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 46 (2017) : 92-100.
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Yacobaccio, H.D., Morales, M.R., Hoguin, R. "Habitats of ancient hunter-gatherers in the Puna: Resilience and discontinuities during the Holocene" . Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, vol. 46, 2017, pp. 92-100.
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Yacobaccio, H.D., Morales, M.R., Hoguin, R. Habitats of ancient hunter-gatherers in the Puna: Resilience and discontinuities during the Holocene. J. Anthropol. Archaeol. 2017;46:92-100.