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Genes responsible for the synthesis of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) (PHB) in Azotobacter sp. FA8 were cloned and analyzed. A PHB polymerase gene (phbC) was found downstream from genes coding for β-ketothiolase (phbA) and acetoacetyl-coenzyme A reductase (phbB). A PHB synthase mutant was obtained by gene inactivation and used for genetic studies. The phbC gene from this strain was introduced into Raktonia eutropha PHB-4 (phbC-negative mutant), and the recombinant accumulated PHB when either glucose or oclanoate was used as a source of carbon, indicating that this PHB synthase cannot incorporate medium-chuin-length hydroxyalkanoates into PHB.


Documento: Artículo
Título:Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate) Synthesis Genes in Azotobacter sp. Strain FA8
Autor:Pettinari, M.J.; Vázquez, G.J.; Silberschmidt, D.; Rehm, B.; Steibüchel, A.; Méndez, B.S.
Filiación:Depto. de Quim. Biológica, Fac. de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Institut für Mikrobiologie, Westfalische Wilhems-Univ. Munister, D-48149 Münster, Germany
Depto. de Quim. Biológica, Fac. do Cieneias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1428 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lab. of Biochem./Molecular Biology, Stazione Zoologiea A. Dohrn, 8021 Naples, Italy
Palabras clave:acetoacetyl coenzyme a reductase; acetoacetyl-CoA reductase; acetyl coenzyme A acyltransferase; acyltransferase; alcohol dehydrogenase; hydroxybutyric acid; poly beta hydroxybutyrate polymerase; poly(3 hydroxybutyric acid); poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate; poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate polymerase; polyester; article; Azotobacter; bacterial gene; DNA sequence; gene deletion; genetics; growth, development and aging; metabolism; molecular cloning; molecular genetics; Acetyl-CoA C-Acyltransferase; Acyltransferases; Alcohol Oxidoreductases; Azotobacter; Cloning, Molecular; Gene Deletion; Genes, Bacterial; Hydroxybutyrates; Molecular Sequence Data; Polyesters; Sequence Analysis, DNA
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Título revista:Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Título revista abreviado:Appl. Environ. Microbiol.
CAS:acetoacetyl-CoA reductase, EC; Acetyl-CoA C-Acyltransferase, EC; Acyltransferases, EC 2.3.-; Alcohol Oxidoreductases, EC 1.1.-; Hydroxybutyrates; poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate polymerase, EC 2.3.1.-; poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate, 26063-00-3; Polyesters


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Pettinari, M.J., Vázquez, G.J., Silberschmidt, D., Rehm, B., Steibüchel, A. & Méndez, B.S. (2001) . Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate) Synthesis Genes in Azotobacter sp. Strain FA8. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 67(3-12), 5331-5334.
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Pettinari, M.J., Vázquez, G.J., Silberschmidt, D., Rehm, B., Steibüchel, A., Méndez, B.S. "Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate) Synthesis Genes in Azotobacter sp. Strain FA8" . Applied and Environmental Microbiology 67, no. 3-12 (2001) : 5331-5334.
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Pettinari, M.J., Vázquez, G.J., Silberschmidt, D., Rehm, B., Steibüchel, A., Méndez, B.S. "Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate) Synthesis Genes in Azotobacter sp. Strain FA8" . Applied and Environmental Microbiology, vol. 67, no. 3-12, 2001, pp. 5331-5334.
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Pettinari, M.J., Vázquez, G.J., Silberschmidt, D., Rehm, B., Steibüchel, A., Méndez, B.S. Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate) Synthesis Genes in Azotobacter sp. Strain FA8. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 2001;67(3-12):5331-5334.
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