Caccavari, M.A.; Galati, B. "Pollen development in Mimosa balansae" (1998) Phytomorphology: An International Journal of Plant Morphology. 48(4):371-381
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Light micriscopic and ultrastructural aspects of pollen development and exine formation are described in Mimosa balansae Mich. The most important results are: (i) The occurrence of a secretory tapetum, (ii) the persistence of the primary wall of pollen mother cell even after the callose disappearance, (iii) the presence of cytoplasmic channels between neighbouring microspores until mature microspore tetrad stage, (iv) an early formation of granular pre-exine and consecutive granular deposition of diverse osmiophilic densities in relation with the "exine template" formation, (v) a granular "exine template" formation over the pre-exine with a shape replica of the future areolated sculpture of the exine, (vi) the consecutive occurrence of two primordial lamellae in relation with ectexine and endexine development and (vii) respectively, development of apertures with a thicker preexine and successive exine and intine onci formation.


Documento: Artículo
Título:Pollen development in Mimosa balansae
Autor:Caccavari, M.A.; Galati, B.
Filiación:Museo Argentine Cie. Nat. B. R., Av.A. Gallardo 470, 1405, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dto. de Ciencias Biológicas, F.C.E.y N. UBA, 1428 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Palabras clave:Mimosa; Permanent tetrads; Pollen development; Ultrastructure
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Título revista:Phytomorphology: An International Journal of Plant Morphology
Título revista abreviado:Phytomorpholohy


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