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The redescription of Hiatella meridionalis (d'Orbigny, 1846) is provided as first attempt to improve the systematics of the genus in the regions of Atlantic and western Pacific. This reanalysis is based on specimens collected in the vicinity of the type localities and is based on detailed morphology of samples that some researches consider a single, wide ranging species. From the morphological characters, the more interesting are: a high quantity of papillae at incurrent siphon; the retractor muscles of siphon divided in two bundles; the small size of the palps; the muscular ring in the stomach; and the zigzag fashion of the short intestinal loops. These characters distinguish the species from the other hiatellids so far examined. Type material of the species was examined, by first time illustrated, and the lectotype is designated.


Documento: Artículo
Título:Redescription of Hiatelia meridionalis d'Orbigny, 1846 (Mollusca, Bivalvia, Hiatellidae) from Argentina
Autor:Simone, L.R.L.; Penchaszadeh, P.E.
Filiación:Museu de Zoologia, Universidade de São Paulo, Caixa Postal 42.494, 04218-970, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales B. Rivadavia (CONICET) Y FCEyN (UBA), Av. A. Gallardo 470, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Idioma: Inglés
Palabras clave:Anatomy; Argentina; Hiatella meridionalis; Morphology; Taxonomy; Bivalvia; Hiatella; Hiatellidae; Mollusca
Página de inicio:119
Página de fin:127
Título revista:Papeis Avulsos de Zoologia
Título revista abreviado:Pap. Avulsos Zool.


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Simone, L.R.L. & Penchaszadeh, P.E. (2008) . Redescription of Hiatelia meridionalis d'Orbigny, 1846 (Mollusca, Bivalvia, Hiatellidae) from Argentina. Papeis Avulsos de Zoologia, 48(14), 119-127.
---------- CHICAGO ----------
Simone, L.R.L., Penchaszadeh, P.E. "Redescription of Hiatelia meridionalis d'Orbigny, 1846 (Mollusca, Bivalvia, Hiatellidae) from Argentina" . Papeis Avulsos de Zoologia 48, no. 14 (2008) : 119-127.
---------- MLA ----------
Simone, L.R.L., Penchaszadeh, P.E. "Redescription of Hiatelia meridionalis d'Orbigny, 1846 (Mollusca, Bivalvia, Hiatellidae) from Argentina" . Papeis Avulsos de Zoologia, vol. 48, no. 14, 2008, pp. 119-127.
---------- VANCOUVER ----------
Simone, L.R.L., Penchaszadeh, P.E. Redescription of Hiatelia meridionalis d'Orbigny, 1846 (Mollusca, Bivalvia, Hiatellidae) from Argentina. Pap. Avulsos Zool. 2008;48(14):119-127.