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Methylation and spectroscopical analyses of DMSO-LiCl-solubilized fractions of the fibrillar cell wall of Coelastrum sphaericum Nag. established the presence of cellulose and β-1,4-linked mannan. A small proportion (2-7%) of (1→2) linkages in β-mannan that introduced an interruption in the regular ribbon chain conformation was interpreted as a component that modulated the mechanical strength of the cell wall. The trilaminar layer fractions consisted mostly of algaenan and cellulose. Evidence for ether linkages between glucose C-6 in the β-1,4-glucan and algaenan was obtained.


Documento: Artículo
Título:The fibrillar polysaccharides and their linkage to algaenan in the trilaminar layer of the cell wall of Coelastrum sphaericum (Chlorophyceae)
Autor:Rodríguez, M.C.; Noseda, M.D.; Cerezo, A.S.
Filiación:Department of Biology, Fac. de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1428 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Department of Biochemistry, Universidade Federal do Parana, 81531-990 Curitiba, Brazil
Dept. Organ. Chem. CIHIDECAR-C., Fac. de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1428 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Palabras clave:Algaenan; Cell wall; Cellulose; Coelastrum sphaericum; Fibrillar polysaccharides; Chlorophyceae; Coelastrum sphaericum; Coelastrum sphaericum
Página de inicio:1025
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Título revista:Journal of Phycology
Título revista abreviado:J. Phycol.


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---------- APA ----------
Rodríguez, M.C., Noseda, M.D. & Cerezo, A.S. (1999) . The fibrillar polysaccharides and their linkage to algaenan in the trilaminar layer of the cell wall of Coelastrum sphaericum (Chlorophyceae). Journal of Phycology, 35(5), 1025-1031.
---------- CHICAGO ----------
Rodríguez, M.C., Noseda, M.D., Cerezo, A.S. "The fibrillar polysaccharides and their linkage to algaenan in the trilaminar layer of the cell wall of Coelastrum sphaericum (Chlorophyceae)" . Journal of Phycology 35, no. 5 (1999) : 1025-1031.
---------- MLA ----------
Rodríguez, M.C., Noseda, M.D., Cerezo, A.S. "The fibrillar polysaccharides and their linkage to algaenan in the trilaminar layer of the cell wall of Coelastrum sphaericum (Chlorophyceae)" . Journal of Phycology, vol. 35, no. 5, 1999, pp. 1025-1031.
---------- VANCOUVER ----------
Rodríguez, M.C., Noseda, M.D., Cerezo, A.S. The fibrillar polysaccharides and their linkage to algaenan in the trilaminar layer of the cell wall of Coelastrum sphaericum (Chlorophyceae). J. Phycol. 1999;35(5):1025-1031.