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The metabolism of polyamines as well as their functions as growth regulators in plants have been extensively studied for many years. However, almost nothing is known about the biosynthesis and roles of these substances in Phytomonas spp., parasites of several plants. We have used HPLC and electrophoretic analyses to investigate the presence and metabolism of polyamines in Phytomonas Jma strain, detecting both putrescine and spermidine but not spermine. Experiments carried out by incubation of intact parasites with labelled ornithine or putrescine showed the formation of radioactive putrescine or spermidine, respectively. These results indicated that Phytomonas Jma can synthesise these polyamines through the action of ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) and spermidine synthase. On the other hand, we could not detect the conversion of arginine to agmatine, suggesting the absence of arginine decarboxylase (ADC) in Phytomonas. However, we cannot ensure the complete absence of this enzymatic activity in the parasite. Phytomonas ODC required pyridoxal 5'-phosphate for maximum activity and was specifically inhibited by α-difluoromethylornithine. The metabolic turnover of the enzyme was very high, with a half-life of 10-15 min, one of the shortest found among all ODC enzymes studied to date. The parasite proteasome seems to be involved in degradation of the enzyme, since Phytomonas ODC can be markedly stabilized by MG-132, a well known proteasome inhibitor. The addition of polyamines to Phytomonas cultures did not decrease ODC activity, strongly suggesting the possible absence of antizyme in this parasite. © 2010 Australian Society for Parasitology Inc.


Documento: Artículo
Título:Polyamine biosynthesis in Phytomonas: Biochemical characterisation of a very unstable ornithine decarboxylase
Autor:Marcora, M.S.; Cejas, S.; González, N.S.; Carrillo, C.; Algranati, I.D.
Filiación:Fundación Instituto Leloir, IIBBA - CONICET, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Departamento de Química Biológica - FCEN, Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Buenos Aires, Argentina
Palabras clave:Metabolic turnover; MG-132; Ornithine decarboxylase; Phytomonas Jma; Proteasome; agmatine; arginine; benzyloxycarbonylleucylleucylleucinal; eflornithine; ornithine; ornithine decarboxylase; polyamine; proteasome; putrescine; pyridoxal 5 phosphate; spermidine; spermidine synthase; spermine; biochemistry; biodegradation; electrokinesis; enzyme activity; experimental study; growth regulator; inhibition; metabolism; parasite; plant; article; controlled study; electrophoresis; enzyme activity; enzyme analysis; enzyme degradation; enzyme stability; half life time; high performance liquid chromatography; nonhuman; Phytomonas; Phytomonas jma; polyamine synthesis; signal transduction; Enzyme Stability; Ornithine Decarboxylase; Polyamines; Protozoan Proteins; Putrescine; Spermidine; Spermine; Trypanosomatina; Phytomonas
Página de inicio:1389
Página de fin:1394
Título revista:International Journal for Parasitology
Título revista abreviado:Int. J. Parasitol.
CAS:agmatine, 306-60-5; arginine, 1119-34-2, 15595-35-4, 7004-12-8, 74-79-3; benzyloxycarbonylleucylleucylleucinal, 133407-82-6; eflornithine, 67037-37-0, 70052-12-9; ornithine, 70-26-8, 7006-33-9; ornithine decarboxylase, 9024-60-6; proteasome, 140879-24-9; putrescine, 110-60-1, 333-93-7; pyridoxal 5 phosphate, 54-47-7; spermidine, 124-20-9, 334-50-9; spermidine synthase, 37277-82-0, 67016-02-8; spermine, 306-67-2, 71-44-3; Ornithine Decarboxylase,; Polyamines; Protozoan Proteins; Putrescine, 110-60-1; Spermidine, 124-20-9; Spermine, 71-44-3


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