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Cytogenetic analysis was performed in six nominal taxa of the genus Ctenomys with a diploid number of 2n=47/48. The studied species were: C. australis (2n=48, FN=76); C. mendocinus (2n=47/48, FN=68/75/76); C. porteousi (2n=47/48, FN=71/72/73); C. azarae (2n=47, FN=71); C. sp. ('chasiquensis') (2n=47/48); and C. talarum (2n=48, FN=80). The first three species shared the whole complement, C. talarum shares with them 19 arms from a total of 43 (44%). In all species analyzed constitutive heterochromatin was detected in most short arms, and in several centromeres. Polymorphisms for several pairs involving the heterochromatic short arms together with a complex polymorphism of pair A1 were found in C. azarae, C. sp., C. mendocinus and C. porteousi. Intraindividual variation found in one specimen of C. porteousi involving heterochromatic arms is discussed. These results lead us to propose the inclusion of all species except C. talarum, within a complex called the mendocinus-group. A new case of conservatism for chromosomal number in the genus Ctenomys is found in this group. © 1991 Kluwer Academic Publishers.


Documento: Artículo
Título:Chromosomal polymorphism and small karyotypic differentiation in a group of Ctenomys species from Central Argentina (Rodentia: Octodontidae)
Autor:Massarini, A.I.; Barros, M.A.; Ortells, M.O.; Reig, O.A.
Filiación:GIBE, Dpto, de Ciencias, Biol., FCEyN, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Pabellón 2, 4o. piso, Ciudad Universitaria, Nuñez, Buenos Aires, 1428, Argentina
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