Quantitative studies of birds in urban area of Buenos Aires with dense human population. This paper deals with the distribution of birds in the city of Buenos Aires. Sixteen public squares and parks situated in different parts of the city were studied during the breeding season in 1979. The results of the bird census work are given in thedifferent following manners: Asp = abundance of each species watched in each place (generally middle of five observation) with indication of minimum and maximum; Asp/ha; An=the abundance of all species in every place (population density) and D =dominance of each species in each place. The European species introduced in Argentine, Passer domesticus, and Columba livia, dominate considerably in the majority of places reaching up to 98% , particularly in some central public squares. Autochthonous species population were generaly observed notably less numerous, but in larger parks were found in relatively greater quantities, as is the case of Parque Saavedra with a dominance of 60 % . The following autochthonous species were observed: Zenaida auricu1ata, Columbina picui, Furnarius rufus, Pitangus sulphuratus, Machetornis rexosa, Progne chalybea, Troglodytes aedon, Minus Saturninus, Turdus rufiventris, Molothrus bonariensis, Thraupis sayaca, Carduelis magellanica, Sicalis flaveola y Junco capensis. The first results of the Omithological Urban Program of the Estación de Hidrobiología Delta are given in the present paper.


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Título:Estudios cuantitativos sobre aves en áreas urbanas de Buenos Aires con densa población humana
Autor:Feninger, Otto
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Editor:Revista de Ornitología Neotropical; Aves Argentinas
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