Alteratios in the emblyonic development produced by the outward application of pesticids on fertil bird eggs. At present, human beings as well as animals and vegetables are subject to the effects of biocides and food preservers, without knowing realy the consequence of such effects. For the purpose of studying their effects on the embryonic development, fertil eggs of Leghorn and Arbor Acres hens were sprayed with the fol1owing commercial products: 2,4-D; 2,4,S-T and Endrin, individually and with normal and higher than normal concentrations as used in our cropfields (for cereals). A gas incubator with a capacity for 60 eggs was used, with two daily turns, magnifyinglenses, etc. Batch of control eegs (water and organic solvent) and of eeg treated with various concentrations of the commercial products named, were placed there in. The classification of the embryos was made according to the Hamilton table. The teratogenic anormalitics were studied through morphologic control and the date of embryonic development stoppage was determmated. The chickens born were weighed and then killed, their brains taken out, weighed and processed for the chemical determinations. Total proteins were determined by the Lowry et. aL method, total lipids by gravimetry, phospholipids by the Dodge and Phillips method and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) by the Munro and Fleck method. It was noted that the external application of pesticids on fertil eggs at the concentrations recommended for our crops does not produce alterations in the normal development of the embryo, but at a concentration four times higher, teratogenic effects are observed as well as an embryonic death, the increasing order of toxicity being 2,4-D 2,4,5-T and Endrin. This means that the pesticid has penetrated through the shell to the egg. A variation in the brain concentrations of proteins, total lipids and nucleic acids was shown, but not of the brain weight, water percentage or of phospholipids.


Título:Alteraciones en el desarrollo embrionario producidas por la aplicación externa de pesticidas sobre huevos fértiles de aves
Autor:Duffard, R.; Mori, G.; de Duffard, Ana M. E.
Titulo revista:El Hornero
Editor:Aves Argentinas. Asociación Ornitológica del Plata
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Ciudad:Buenos Aires
Titulo revista abreviado:Hornero (en línea)


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